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Dancing, determination and digs

By the age of five, her impromptu fits of dancing had become somewhat of a spectacle in the community of Kingston, Ont. Without encouragement, she would succumb to her heart’s desire and bust a move on the spot.

A parade was taking place in her hometown, but rather than observing the many different sights and sounds around her, she took to the street and danced like nobody was watching. The irony is that she was photographed for the local newspaper while in the middle of her unencumbered routine.

That dancing machine would grow up and continue in numerous dancing disciplines like tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical.

Eventually her passion for dance would translate into a pension for physical activity and involvement in soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Nicole Hawkins, the beneficiary of multiple player-of-the-game accolades for her play with the Kodiaks volleyball team this year, maintains that passion and determination have helped her to where she is today.

“I’m proud of being dedicated in school and not letting anything get in the way, and really pushing myself to be better at everything,” says Hawkins. 

This dedication has been developed gradually over the course of her life, and Hawkins’s upbringing resonated strongly as the reason she hasn’t given up despite her busy schedule of juggling school and volleyball. 

She acknowledged her dad as being integral to her development on and off the volleyball court.

“My dad always wants to push himself and not do things with half effort, and he has always pushed me to get the top marks in school and work hard on the court,” says Hawkins.

Speaking glowingly about her father, Hawkins’ face lit up like she had just won another player-of-the-game award. Her eyes widened and the smile that she had worn throughout the interview became even larger.

“He’s my best friend, we watch sports together, he’s an engineer and is the reason I’m in civil engineering; I just want to follow in his footsteps.”

Having played volleyball competitively for the last seven years, she noted that her stature drew her to the position she was most comfortable playing.

“I knew that I was kind of a shorter player, so I knew the position I wanted to play was libero.”

Her 3.15 digs per game average is good enough for sixth place in the entire ACAC.

The position is unique in its designation as the only position that is not limited by the rules of rotation.

In short, Hawkins is on the court for a very long time and is the main recipient of opposing kill attempts.

Finding Hawkins on the court is not a difficult task either, as she’s the only player on the court wearing a different coloured jersey than her teammates.

Her focused demeanor on the court is rivaled only by her cheerful attitude off it and if the past is any indication, her future is sure to hold many more awards.


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